Pipstop at Goodwill

Hey guys!

Apologies for not posting for awhile.  I only post when I buy things, and since I don’t have unlimited access to money, posting may be infrequent.

I’m especially late with this particular post though because I was going through resident assistant training at my college (Earlham).  This consisted of 8-12 hour straining essions everyday.  It was pretty intense.  Before training began, I went to Walmart with my boyfriend to buy some furniture for our rooms.  We then went to pick up our friends at Goodwill.  They weren’t quite finished, so I decided to do some browsing of my own, and found this:

Brand: Body Central
Value: ~$19.00
What I paid: $5.00

I found this lovely top as soon as I entered the store more or less.  Pretty fantastic.  I’ve bought a bunch of great clothing from this particular Goodwill before.  Definitely going back there soon :).

Think about submitting a guest post.

Dimsum in China Town

Today, before work, I met up with who I will call my European ladies.  To make a long story short, I helped a young woman from France (we will call her Ma’ion) figure out the utterly confusing subway system.  We then exchanged information and met up at Bryant Park.  She brought along a Swiss woman (Andrea), her roommate from her hostel.  We watched Roman Holiday, a Hepburn and Peck classic, in the park.

From left to right:
Andrea, Laura (me), Ma’ion.

A couple of days later, I showed them around China Town.  First, we dined on delicious dimsum at The Golden Unicorn.  I highly suggest it to everyone who loves reasonably priced dumplings.  Afterwards, we braved the 100 degree weather in search for nothing in particular.  After checking out a few stores, I decided that I needed sunglasses.  I recently began wearing contacts again, which meant I could finally wear sunglasses.  The shop owner told me they were $6.00.  I replied that I only had $5.00 and she accepted.  Perhaps I could have haggled more, but I figured that $5.00 was a good deal.

I will probably regret buying these since most of the merchandise sold in China Town is crap. Oh well!

What got me  really excited was this:

His name is Freddy!

Freddy is watching you, as am I.

It wasn’t on sale, however, I did haggle it down from $12.00 to $9.00.  I had to be a little more aggressive with this salesman.  The conversation went a little something like this:
Man: I give you special price (they always say that), $12.00.

Me: How about $8.00 since my friend is buying one too?

Man: $10.00.

Me: $9.00.

Man: Fine.

Again, I could have haggled more, but I was satisfied with the $3.00 discount.

This is essentially the case Ma’ion bought:

His name is Teddy!

After sipping on some bubble tea and smoothies, we hopped onto the train and went our separate ways.  Word of advice: don’t visit China Town when it’s 100 degrees outside.  It felt like we were inside of an oven, we were drenched in sweat afterwards, I could go on.  On the contrary, buying that owl iPhone case made my day.  Speaking of owls…

Don’t you dare YOLO at me.

P.S. You guys should submit your awesome finds to me!

Now It’s Your Turn!

How’s it goin’ guys?

It’s time that you (yes you!) start thinking about contributing to my blog :). As I said in my first post, I want this blog to turn into a sort of national project for fashion and bargains. It’s quite simple really:

  1. Find clothing and/or accessories that you bought on sale or at a thrift store.
  2. Take pictures of said clothing and/or accessories.
  3. Write up a description of your shopping experience.  Please include the original price (if any), how much you paid, and the designer for each featured garment and/or accessory.
  4. Email your materials to me in a Word document at whatiboughtonsale@gmail.com.
  5. Tell all of your friends that your clothing is featured on this awesome blog!
See!? It’s almost too easy. There are some guidelines and rules though:
  1. You may choose to either model your clothing or hang it on a hanger and snap a photo of it. If you want someone else to model your purchases that’s fine.
  2. Please use a simple background when taking these photos.  Your body and/or clothing should not be obscured by anything.
  3. Remember, this blog is about clothing, not about making a statement. Please don’t submit any super artsy avant garde photos. This isn’t the place to jump start your modeling or art career. Show off the clothing you bought in a simple fashion :).
  4. Please don’t submit damaged clothing. This includes clothing that has unintentional rips, holes, and stains.
  5. I would prefer if you didn’t use Photoshop and/or other photo editing programs. This is a blog for real people with real faces and bodies.  Let’s enjoy natural beauty.
  6. Limit the amount of profanity used in your writing. This is not a blog for politics and raging. If you want to get a little off topic and share a time in which you wore the outfit you bought, go for it.  But please, mean spirited writing will not be tolerated.
  7. Please proof read your submissions before submitting your posts.  Also, please use proper grammar.  No u, 2, @, wtf, btw, and zomgoat.
  8. You may submit anything! Whether if it’s a funky jacket or formal business attire, anything goes!  This includes lingerie (if you find lingerie on sale, you’re awesome), and bathing/swimming suits/costumes (which you may also model if you so choose). You may  also submit jewelry and accessories such as, belts, hats, and bags.

Most importantly: this blog is for EVERYONE! You may be big, small, wide, skinny, purple, green, bald, hairy, female, male, or gender neutral!  Go for it!
If you have any questions, or want to submit your potential post, please feel free to email me at whatiboughtonsale@gmail.com.

I thought this video would be a fitting conclusion to this post.  It’s also doubles as a shout to How I Met Your Mother fans:

It’s Too Darn Hot on 34th & 7th

Hey guys!  Welcome to my first review!

As I said in my previous post, I met up with my aunt at Penn Station on 34th street in Manhattan.  It was a hot one that day.  The streets were filled with tourists, and the streets hummed with the sound of cars and buses stuck in traffic.  The humming was punctuated with the occasional frequent sound of beeping.  Just another day on 34th and 7th.  We jetted right over to Macy’s and were overwhelmed by how large the store was.  I’m talking 6-7 floors filled with merchandise.  The store is the length of a city block, and the width of half a city block.  So begins our journey.

We went straight towards the sales racks because fuggedabout the full priced merchandised.  Even some of the clothing on sale was expensive.  50% off doesn’t mean much when the original price is $300.  Three floors and countless sales racks later, I came out victorious with two very nice tops and a dress:

Original price: $48.00
What I paid: $22.99
Designer: Studio M

Original price: $39.95
What I paid: $19.99
Designer: International Concepts
Note: This top can easily be dressed up or down.  I wore this outfit to a Broadway show called Anything Goes.  It was a fun show.  If you enjoy cute/cheesy musicals I suggest you go see it before it closes!

Original price: $40.00
What I paid: $20.00
Designer: ABG

After Macy’s we grabbed lunch.  I was going to take her to Century 21 next, however, it was located downtown.  I decided it was too hot to get on the train, so we went to Daffy’s instead.  Daffy’s consisted of four floors, two of which were dedicated to women’s clothing.  Here’s what I bought from there:

Original price: $16.99
What I paid: $11.32
Designer: Lillap ($42.00 value)

Original price: $16.99
What I paid: $11.32
Designer: Catana U.S.A ($56.00 value)
Note: I wore this outfit while walking over The High Line.  It kept me as cool as possible.

Original price: $23.99
What I paid: $15.99
Designer: Carmen Marc Valvo ($58.00 value)

I ended up buying a couple of things that weren’t on sale:

Price: $14.00
Designer: Cappelli

Price: $10.00
Designer: Ellen Tracy

To top it all off, we went over to DSW to check out shoes.  We were somewhat disappointed with their tiny clearance section.  I couldn’t help but laugh though when my aunt kept on picking up $350 dollar shoes and saying, “Hey Laura!  These are only $35!” Then I would point out that there was a pesky zero that followed.  This happened 2-3 times (at least).  Needless to say, we didn’t spend a whole lot of time there.  However, my aunt ended up purchasing a very nice pair of Minnetonka flip flops (not on sale) for $40:

I bought a pair of these in black as well a couple of years ago, and I swear, it feels like I’m walking on a cloud.  My mother also has a pair in brown.  These are great flip-flops, even though they’re kinda pricey.  I’m sure you can find them cheaper elsewhere.

Overall, I thought this was a very successful shopping expedition.  There’re a few things you might want to take into consideration before going to these particular stores:

  1. If you can’t stand it when the racks are disorganized, don’t go to the Macy’s sales section.  All of the racks were filled to the brim with clothing, making it very difficult to browse.  Additionally, all of the sizes were jumbled up.  I can’t tell you how many times I picked out something that caught my eye, only to find that it was either too big or too small.
  2. Daffy’s was slightly more organized and less crowded than Macy’s.  In my opinion, their merchandise didn’t need to be on sale to be decently priced.  I enjoyed shopping at Daffy’s much more than Macy’s.
  3. DSW had a lot of cute shoes, but a tiny clearance section.  I suggest going to the DSW located in the Atlantic Mall in Brooklyn.  They have a huge clearance section there.

I would like to close with a great song that describes New York City summers quite accurately.

Sing it Ella:

Our First Post!

Greetings!  Welcome to our awesome blog!  I say “our” because I’m running it with a good friend of mine.  She’s been blogging for a quite some time now and will be contributing some awesome posts (insert shameless plug for her blog here).  This is my very first blog so bear with me.

So what’s this blog all about anyways?  It’s quite simple really.  I love to shop and especially love finding great deals.  A few days ago I went shopping with my aunt from Cape Cod at Macy’s, Daffy’s, and DSW near Penn Station in Manhattan.  Because everything was so expensive, especially at Macy’s, we mainly stuck around the sales racks.  Through the clumps and piles of clothing we managed to make some really great buys.  After we got home I wanted to show everyone what I bought.  I felt conflicted about doing it though because that may or may not be kind of a self-absorbed thing to do.  I then came to the following conclusion, “What if I started a blog?  Then I can let everyone know what I bought as well as where the good deals are happening.”  I call it, “Constructive Self-Absorption”.  And so, this blog was born.

There’s a second reason why I wrote welcome to “our” blog.  You, the readers, may contribute!  (I’ve always wanted to say that).  I want this to turn into a national project, not only for fashion, but for bargain hunting.  My co-writer, Miriam, will certainly be contributing all of her great finds at thrift stores and such, so why not you?  Guidelines will be posted later on.  For now, I hope you enjoy my first real post.  It will feature clothing from Macy’s and Daffy’s and shoes from DSW!