Our First Post!

Greetings!  Welcome to our awesome blog!  I say “our” because I’m running it with a good friend of mine.  She’s been blogging for a quite some time now and will be contributing some awesome posts (insert shameless plug for her blog here).  This is my very first blog so bear with me.

So what’s this blog all about anyways?  It’s quite simple really.  I love to shop and especially love finding great deals.  A few days ago I went shopping with my aunt from Cape Cod at Macy’s, Daffy’s, and DSW near Penn Station in Manhattan.  Because everything was so expensive, especially at Macy’s, we mainly stuck around the sales racks.  Through the clumps and piles of clothing we managed to make some really great buys.  After we got home I wanted to show everyone what I bought.  I felt conflicted about doing it though because that may or may not be kind of a self-absorbed thing to do.  I then came to the following conclusion, “What if I started a blog?  Then I can let everyone know what I bought as well as where the good deals are happening.”  I call it, “Constructive Self-Absorption”.  And so, this blog was born.

There’s a second reason why I wrote welcome to “our” blog.  You, the readers, may contribute!  (I’ve always wanted to say that).  I want this to turn into a national project, not only for fashion, but for bargain hunting.  My co-writer, Miriam, will certainly be contributing all of her great finds at thrift stores and such, so why not you?  Guidelines will be posted later on.  For now, I hope you enjoy my first real post.  It will feature clothing from Macy’s and Daffy’s and shoes from DSW!


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