Dimsum in China Town

Today, before work, I met up with who I will call my European ladies.  To make a long story short, I helped a young woman from France (we will call her Ma’ion) figure out the utterly confusing subway system.  We then exchanged information and met up at Bryant Park.  She brought along a Swiss woman (Andrea), her roommate from her hostel.  We watched Roman Holiday, a Hepburn and Peck classic, in the park.

From left to right:
Andrea, Laura (me), Ma’ion.

A couple of days later, I showed them around China Town.  First, we dined on delicious dimsum at The Golden Unicorn.  I highly suggest it to everyone who loves reasonably priced dumplings.  Afterwards, we braved the 100 degree weather in search for nothing in particular.  After checking out a few stores, I decided that I needed sunglasses.  I recently began wearing contacts again, which meant I could finally wear sunglasses.  The shop owner told me they were $6.00.  I replied that I only had $5.00 and she accepted.  Perhaps I could have haggled more, but I figured that $5.00 was a good deal.

I will probably regret buying these since most of the merchandise sold in China Town is crap. Oh well!

What got me  really excited was this:

His name is Freddy!

Freddy is watching you, as am I.

It wasn’t on sale, however, I did haggle it down from $12.00 to $9.00.  I had to be a little more aggressive with this salesman.  The conversation went a little something like this:
Man: I give you special price (they always say that), $12.00.

Me: How about $8.00 since my friend is buying one too?

Man: $10.00.

Me: $9.00.

Man: Fine.

Again, I could have haggled more, but I was satisfied with the $3.00 discount.

This is essentially the case Ma’ion bought:

His name is Teddy!

After sipping on some bubble tea and smoothies, we hopped onto the train and went our separate ways.  Word of advice: don’t visit China Town when it’s 100 degrees outside.  It felt like we were inside of an oven, we were drenched in sweat afterwards, I could go on.  On the contrary, buying that owl iPhone case made my day.  Speaking of owls…

Don’t you dare YOLO at me.

P.S. You guys should submit your awesome finds to me!