Pipstop at Goodwill

Hey guys!

Apologies for not posting for awhile.  I only post when I buy things, and since I don’t have unlimited access to money, posting may be infrequent.

I’m especially late with this particular post though because I was going through resident assistant training at my college (Earlham).  This consisted of 8-12 hour straining essions everyday.  It was pretty intense.  Before training began, I went to Walmart with my boyfriend to buy some furniture for our rooms.  We then went to pick up our friends at Goodwill.  They weren’t quite finished, so I decided to do some browsing of my own, and found this:

Brand: Body Central
Value: ~$19.00
What I paid: $5.00

I found this lovely top as soon as I entered the store more or less.  Pretty fantastic.  I’ve bought a bunch of great clothing from this particular Goodwill before.  Definitely going back there soon :).

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